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Glass Washing Machine (LDQ-2500)
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Product: Hits: 652Glass Washing Machine (LDQ-2500) 
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Updated on 2014-03-12 11:02

LDQ2500 glass washing machine is a new designed machine according to different requirements from customers. There is a stainless steel gutter for water stock. The rubber roller can be self-cleaned. The pre-washing system equips high-pressure spraying to wet the glass surface and improve the washing effect. There are the three pairs of brushes: The first two pairs are hard brushes which can be raised by cylinder and the third pair is special made soft brush which is used to wash common coated glass, hard Low-E glass and solar coated glass. The drying system equips high-pressure fan and special designed air blowing device which can dry the glass surface and side completely. The upper fram of the washing and drying section can be totally moved up and down. The inner adjust distance is 450mm, thus the glass thickness is unlimited. There is numeric display of washed glass thickness, thus it can be precisedly adjusted and observed. The transporting is controlled by frequency conversion. It can be connected to double straight-line edging machine, painted glaze glass production line, insulated glass production line, safety glass production line and etc. Special washing requirement or extra function can be tailored separately. Technical Data: Model LDQ2500 Machine Size: 8960*2850*1250mm Brush Length: 2600mm Length of Loading Table: 1800mm Length of Unloading Table: 1800mm Length of Wahing Section: 1390mm Length of Drying Section: 1650mm Max. Glass Width: 2500mm Min. Glass Width: 600mm Feeding Speed: 1.6-9m/min Power: 26.7kw