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Glass Tempering Furnace (LDG3624)
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Product: Hits: 856Glass Tempering Furnace (LDG3624) 
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Updated on 2014-03-12 14:33

Glass Tempering Furnace (LDG3624) Main Characteristic: This series of Glass Tempering Machine is widely used for producing tempering glass for architecture decoration, home furniture and home appliance. It adopts advanced computer controlling technology. It also can diagnose and deal with failure from long-distance through internet. 1. Stepping loading. Stepping length can be set automatically according to glass size. 2. Automatic length detecting device. It can adjust the reciprocating route and the cycle of the glass in the heating furnace and air diffuser according to glass loading size. 3. Touch screen human-computer interface. The main controlling system adopts Japanese Mitsubishi elements. Computer adopts Japanese Mitsubishi color touch screen. All the parameters can be modified online. Parameter of glass with different thickness can be input, saved and called by order form. 4. The furnace adopts the international latest heat preservation technology. The heat preservation system has the same Life span with the furnace. SCR triggers when over zero which is no pollution to power net. 5. Quartz roller with larger diameter prolongs the life span and enhances the heat preservation capacity. 6. Heat balance system distributes the temperature inside the furnace evenly. Technical parameter: Model LDG3624 Max. Glass size: 3660*2440mm Min. Glass size: 300*100mm Glass thickness: 4-19mm Capacity: 120m2/h Installation Power: 680kw